Under the spell of Issyk-Köl Lake

On wednesday we had a very productive morning – two new visa’s in the passport (Iran and Tajikistan) and our car was taken care of (we now have new gearbox oil, a new rubber band around the front axle, new belts in the engine, etc etc). And yes, this was NOT an official Toyota garage ;-).

As we couldn’t prolong our stay at the Futuro Hotel (which we absolutely loved) we decided to drive towards the Issyk-Köl Lake in the afternoon. We stocked up on some extra food and drinks and off we went. First stop along the way was the Burana Tower, an old minaret left from a mosque and fortress from the 11th century. There was not much left, but we really like it – especially the view from above over the valley and the old city walls of Burana.

Buzana 1 Buzana 2

Then we continued our drive to Issyk-Köl Lake where we arrived around the end of the afternoon and we decided to leave the main tarmac road as soon as possible to find a nice camping spot along the shore. What we found was amazing!! We set up the tent and had a drink, a bite to eat and watched the millions of stars above our heads when it got dark. Absolutely beautiful.

IK 1 IMG_7628

IK 3 Morning 1


And it was still beautiful when we woke up this morning and we had our home-made coffee along the lake shore, in the sunshine. With no hurry what so ever we packed up our stuff and continued driving along the north side of the lake. We stopped at Cholpon-Ata, a place that they say comes closest to ‘the Cancun of Central Asia’, where we had a nice lunch and we were lucky that the sky over the mountains along the lakeside cleared and we spend a fair amount of time taking the most beautiful pictures.

ChA ChA 2

IMG_7642 IMG_7641

We continued our drive to the east and the more east we came, the more clouds and rain we encountered. We decided not to look for another camping spot for the night, but drive on to the ‘city’ of Karakol and check into a B&B (Jameliya’s B&B, to be exact). And here we are… hot shower, wifi, a nice garden and clean room (with Dutch neighbors). From Karakol we plan to make some trekkings and visit many of the surrounding mountainspots. A full program the coming days – though we are not used to this cold and rainy weather anymore. But hey, we’re Dutch :-)… we will enjoy!!

Wolken1 IMG_7652

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