Dutch chickens in Almaty

Last Wednesday we were in a pub in Almaty watching Oranje lose from Argentina. Although sad of course we had a very nice evening with some Dutch people living in Almaty. One of them, Henk de Jager, is the operations director of the biggest chicken farm in Kazakhstan, called Alsad. It’s is a venture with investment from Abu Dhabi and the Kazakh government as well as its management and started in 2012. Henk invited us to visit the farm and this morning we did.

At 9.30 AM we left Almaty and followed Henk, who also happens to be one of the best Finnclass-sailors in the world in his age-group, to the farm just outside the city. Both Mirian and I never visited a chicken farm before, so we didn’t quite know what to expect when we arrived at this huge farm. The poultry farm consists of four poultry houses for growing birds and twelve poultry houses for egg-production chickens. According to Henk it’s the biggest of its kind in Kazakhstan with about 624.000 Dutch breed (!) chickens, laying around 550.000 eggs every day. Now that’s impressive, considering Holland’s chicken farms only have about 100.000 chickens per farm.

AlsadIMG_7734IMG_7618 IMG_7648 IMG_7651 IMG_7693 IMG_7717 IMG_7729 IMG_7736

We entered some of the huge stables with about 40.000 chickens each and learned about the process of harvesting eggs. We both love our eggs in the morning so it was very interesting to see how they are being produced. Alsad doesn’t use any anti-biotics which is good, but I’m sure a lot of animal activists wouldn’t approve with these kind of mega production plants anyway. I personally have no problem at all with producing eggs this way, because it’s no option to produce these amounts of eggs only by happy free range chickens.


The whole farm looked very modern and clean as well and is still expanding. Not only with new equipment and processes, but also with a slaughtering facility to produce chicken meat for soup. This line was still under construction, so we didn’t watch any chickens getting killed, but we were shown the whole process, so now we do know a bit more about producing chickens.


We were very happy to be invited to the farm since for us it’s nice to not see a temple or mountain for once during our road trip but have a new interesting learning experience. Thanks for your hospitality Henk!


3 Responses to Dutch chickens in Almaty

  1. Kim

    Leuk verhaal weer, met mooie foto’s (ook vorige post).
    Indrukwekkend al die Nederlands die onderweg zijn danwel er al zijn!

  2. Kevin

    Dear Bert and Mirian,

    I love your commentary and pics.
    I’m in Thailand, and considering traveling back to the UK by bike via China and Mongolia.
    May I ask for your estimation of the average distance between accommodation on the route you took from Ulaan Baatar.



    • Bert van Dijk

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your kind words. Maybe you can send me an email at dijk mac.com and explain a bit more about your plan, so we can advice you better. Are you travelling by bike or motor bike for example? What kind of accommodation are you looking for: camping in the wild/hotels/hostels, etc?

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