Last week I discovered a new web service, called Tripline, which basically allows you to make animated maps of your trips. It’s exactly what I was looking for, so I gave it a try and entered our preliminary trip. The result is pretty amazing I think. Just take a look below this post. Click on full screen and then on the play button for the best effect and get a first hand peek into the territories we’re planning to conquer next year.

It’s going to be an amazing trip if everything we want to do, is indeed possible. We’re especially looking forward to traverse the endless wilderness of Mongolia, the western part of China and Kyrgyzstan before entering the Pamir Highway into Tajikistan, driving on the roof of the world above 4000 meters just next to the border with Afghanistan before diverting north to Dushanbe and then into Uzbekistan. And then I’m not even talking about Moscow and St. Petersburg and their surrounding areas. Well, let’s see how far we get anyway, since the border crossings not always are a sure bet. Access apparently changes quite often, so we need to be flexible I guess.

UPDATE 4/2/2014: Our plans changed a bit. We now intend to drive through Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijian, Georgia and Turkey instead of through Russia after Uzbekistan. This all depends of course on how smooth our visa-process will proceed

If anyone has tips or suggestions for an even better route or has some must see/do suggestions, please let us know!