The Sky is the Limit

This evening, after 4 hours of sleep due to a very very long quarter final match Netherlands-Cost Rica, we arrived in Rubtsovsk. Rubtsovsk is a small town just half an hour away from the Russia-Kazakhstan border. The drive from Novosibirsk to here today was smooth and quick – main thing was to keep our eyes open.

But we arrived, had a nice dinner, caught up with some family members on Skype and are now relaxing a little in our hotel room (Hotel Alisa with clean rooms, TV and Internet – today we’re watching the Wimbledon final). Tomorrow morning we aim to be at the border around 9.00 am, ready for our third border crossing this trip!

In the meantime, we use this evening to give you an impression of all the skies we have been seeing along the way. It is amazing how blue, how ominous, how colourful, how clear or dark the sky gets in this region. Most of the pictures were taken in the Altai-region, some in the cities (and we were lucky enough to see a rainbow over the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Novosibirsk on our last evening).

IMG_6926 IMG_6877

IMG_7374 IMG_7108

IMG_7228 IMG_7455

IMG_7161 IMG_7458

IMG_6640 IMG_7137

IMG_6655 IMG_7381

IMG_7394 lucht

ENJOY!!! And we will catch up again in Almaty where we expect to be around Wednesday evening.

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  1. Marie Anne

    What a wonderful trip and lovely pictures. Super to enjoy this trip with you from my comfy chair at home haha.

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