Endless car repairs


We’ve been on the road now for about three weeks and have seen so may garages already that we lost count. It’s the one and only main frustrating bit of our fantastic journey so far. Ever since the Blue Beast came out of the container on May 30th we’ve had to deal with big and small problems.

IMG_6710     IMG_6763

So, just to give an idea about what went wrong until now, here’s a short summary of all the things we had to fix:

– flat rear tire on arrival in Shanghai. Fixed by replacing the broken valve

– flat tire during driving. Fixed in a little garage next to the road by a repair man

– dead batteries: we had to buy and install two new batteries as a replacement for the two regular batteries in front of the car, which were dead on arrival in Shanghai and one as a replacement of a wrongly installed Chinese one

– broken generator. Replaced by a new one

– broken cooling system. Fixed by installing a new cap first and later, after the problem came back, fixed by replacing the entire radiator

– broken air conditioning. Fixed by installing a second hand one.

– rattling sounds coming from the front left wheel. Diagnosed as a loose component just near the brakes and fixed.

– shaking dashboard compartment. Not fixed yet.

– cracking roof bars. Fixed with duct tape.

– broken claxon. Easily fixed by new fuse and taping some loose wires.

– broken stabilizing rod on the front right side. Fixed by installing a new one.

– loose protection board under the front side of the car. Fixed with some new screws

– broken suspension of a cross bar in front between the two stabilizer rods. Fixed, first by ourselves with duct tape, since we were in the middle of nowhere, later properly in the garage

– lots of small scratches and dents as a result of the many small and big rocks hitting our car

Furthermore we used already quite some litres of coolants and replaced the motor oil.


So, where are we now with the car, you might wonder. Well, the engine still works perfectly, but we hear all kinds of cracking sounds coming from near the wheels. We suspect it’s the little reminder of the Mongolian roads… We plan to visit the local Toyota dealer in Novosibirsk to get a proper check-up of our car.

From now on, the super bad roads will no longer hammer our car, so we’ll think we’ll be fine, but I don’t want to be the one that maybe one day will buy our car (#vaneenouddametjegeweestaltijdbinnengestaan)



4 Responses to Endless car repairs

  1. joop

    Hope that when Toyota finds out, they’ll make sure to help you!

  2. Dieuwertje

    Wow what a journey so far! Hopefully the check and repair session in Novosibirsk will be succesfull. Maybe it will cheer you up that I am reading this message behind my desk at work……..Need I say more?
    Good luck and I keep following you. Great to read all the stories :-). XX Dieuw

  3. Marc

    My offer still stands…. :-)

  4. Bert van Dijk

    Hey Marc, what offer you mean exactly?

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