Goodbye Shanghai

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On May 30th we had our farewell party. At the time (maybe two months earlier) we picked the date and venue for that party, we were convinced that our Blue Beast would be showcased in the garden of the Kaiba (2) Belgian Beer Bar so that everyone could see it.
In the end we received our car literally two hours before the party started and we practically drove the Blue Beast straight from its container at the port into Kaiba’s garden.

It was an amazing farewell party! So many people came to say goodbye and partied with us one last time in ‘our’ Shanghai. We got surprised with a Lion’s Dance to officially ‘open’ the car and many of our friends prepared a sticker to stick on the car in order to ‘drive with us’. We also prepared three larger stickers ourselves – one with our logo (on the two side doors) and one of the map with the route (on the hood). Thanks to Ellen and Kim everything was smoothly prepared and arranged – thanks again, girls!! It was unforgettable!

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Looking back at that night (now, after more than two weeks) we feel so blessed and lucky with all nice and special people we know and met in Shanghai. Fortunately many pictures were taken and a lot of those pictures we have in our ‘Farewell Book’ together with great wishes and texts. We want to thank everyone who was there with us – with a special thanks to Merel, Jorn, Marc, Gert, Remko, Wouter and Sander who actually flew to Shanghai to say goodbye.

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When the party came to an end and we wanted to drive the Beast to a closeby parking space, it didn’t start. In general we found our Blue Beast quite battered when we opened the container on that May 30th and we didn’t leave Shanghai on the planned ‘June 1st’ – we stayed until June 7th in order to get repairs done. We will write more about that later.

Pictures of the farewell party probably illustrate more than further words!


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  1. Herma Vermeer

    Vast een beetje pijn in je hart bij vertrek he Mir..maar wat een geweldig avontuur! Gaan jullie volgen, be safe en succes!

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