Tribute to China

Since our car is at the garage again for the zillionth time, I have a little time to reflect on my China-years. So here it is: is my 9 minute tribute to China and Shanghai. I loved every single second of the last six and a half years living in the most fascinating city on the planet.

Well.. almost every second.

Please wait for the annoying Chinese commercial to end. The video was shot in HD, but I can’t get in HD on Youku somehow. Anyway: Enjoy!

NOTE: The music I used is Wolves by Fossil Collective taken from their great album Tell where I lie and the second part is Art of Almost by Wilco, one of my favorite songs of all time.

3 Responses to Tribute to China

  1. Marie Anne

    Sorry, couldn’t find a video.
    Hope the car will soon be okay.

  2. Lindsay

    Great video – especially loved the go-pro time lapse on the bikes. Makes SH look so cool! Glad to hear some Wilco as well! :-) Jia You!

  3. Jan Willem Grapendaal

    Great you are doing this. I wanted to visit Caucasus By car starting in the Netherlands but founf out my insurance company doesnt cover these terretories. Please let me know which insurance company you use. Thx in advance. Kind rgds. JW

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