Road trip logo unveiled

In less than two weeks our car will arrive at the deep water port Yangshan in Shanghai. The NYK Hermes on which the Blue Beast is sleeping in a container is currently sailing in the Arabian Sea near India and will dock in Singapore in 4 days. Then another week before reaching China.

If everything goes as planned, we will have the car registered in China somewhere around April 15th. We then can work on the last details, like putting a roof rack on it and arranging some more small modifications.

Our Blue Beast is, well… Blue. It will stay that way, but for a trip like the one we’re about to make, we thought it is appropriate to put some kind of special trip logo on it. We ourselves are not that creative, so we’re very pleased that Kim and Marc from Link Design offered to design one for us.

In fact they designed a couple of logos to chose from and after carefully selecting we got their final result today. We think it looks fantastic. It has a kind of retro-look, even slightly rally-like and very much fresh and fitting for our trip and our car. Many thanks Kim & Marc!

We will make two large car stickers from it and put them on the two sides of our car.



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